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Journalese Days, Manila Skies

a long letter home from the Philippines

17 November
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West Coast Things
New York, Manila, Westport. Follow the arc of my trajectory

Maybe this time in Manila I'll keep up with the blogging...
These are my days, our interwoven lives.
Come follow my journey
under Manila skies.

Journalist, writer, student, chef, English teacher, postie, youth worker, environmentalist, activist, traveler, this is an account of my journalism internship on a Newspaper in the Philippines and my adventures throughout the country.

People told me I should continue with this after I left New York, but I told them, that the point was to write about New Yorkers for New Zealanders, being back home somewhat defeats the purpose, not least because I can't be mean about people who may be reading it.
Now however, I find myself temporarily unemployed and with a great urge to write.
This seems as good a platform as any....

Bushwick and the Oranges of Hironymous Bosch
Hard to concentrate with this intense drum beat on the radio in Blue Monday playing in my ear, but I wanted to write about my life and thoughts in New York so you could all read about it. Henry Miller wrote Big Sur and the Oranges of Hironymous Bosch in what started out as a pamphlet so he wouldn't have to reply any more to the truck loads of letters he was constantly recieving and in part this live journal is inspired by that,rather than by blogs like "sex in the city", although I must parenthesise this by adding that unlike Henry Millar, I am in no way unindated with correspondence, which in the course of replying to I am prevented from writing books of great genius.